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Chestnut Publishing House, a division of LaFleur Anders & Co., is a self-publishing partner committed to helping new and aspiring non-fiction authors tell their stories and grow their businesses. We provide services that will help bring your dream to reality. We are a guiding agency for leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who promote well-being. If you're interested in collaborating in a multi-author project, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  When you publish a solo book with us, we help guide you through the process, and the best part is, we do not take ownership of your book! You keep 100% of your royalties.

Our goal is to help you establish authority, grow your visibility, and increase your impact on the world. You will work with K. LaFleur-Anders, alongside her professional A-team of editors, marketing experts, and graphic designers. We will provide quality service and products for exceptional results and experience.

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What We Offer

Multi-Author Projects

Collaborate with your colleagues, team, and industry leaders to inspire, educate, and promote your mission or brand.

Social Media Assistance

Receive guidance to grow and engage your social media audience for visibility and elevation.


Collaborate in creating publications such as e-books, digital newsletters, and email marketing to build your sales funnel.

Book Content & Development

Receive guidance on developing your book's content, context, and purpose and create a plan to launch.

Website Development

Collaborate to create a website that will highlight the purpose and message of your book and make it available for purchase.

Best Seller Campaign

Implement a coordinated book launch to drive traffic to your platforms and encourage readers to purchase your book 

What Our Clients Say

Image by Alfons Morales
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Patrice Hernandez, Author

It has been a joy to partner with K at LaFleur Anders & Co. on the Transitions Anthology. The dedication, communication, and professionalism that she brings to the project are uplifting and inspiring. Ultimately, she made the process of being a first-time author seamlessly easy. It has been my pleasure to learn and grow from and with her during this process. Thank you, K!