What We Do

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Our Programs

LaFleur Anders & Co. is a creative content agency with a plethora of service offerings to enhance your marketing efforts. However, we also create programs and host events that are designed to spark your creativity and harness your creative leadership. Here are a few experiences we have lined up for 2022.

  • Virtual Weekend Workshops

  • Creative Recovery Coaching

  • Self-Publishing Consultation

  • Low-Cost Webinars

  • Self-Paced Creativity Courses

  • Creative Wellness Events

Do you want to find out more? Book a Discovery Call with me and let's chat.

Who Are Our Clients

Our clients are women who are writers, coaches, and/or heart-centered entrepreneurs. Working with heart-centered businesses is our jam!

So, what exactly is a heart-centered business? ​

  • You have a deep belief that your business is making the world a better place.

  • Your business is an expression of who you are and what you're passionate about.

  • You're creating real relationships with your customers and community.

  • Your goal is to be purposeful but also to scale a profitable business.

Sounds like you? Book a call with us and let's discover the magic we can create together.

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Conversational Copy

Heart-centered businesses deserve for their voices to be heard! Let us help you connect with your customers to educate, empower and bring the heart of your business to life. 


We can tell your story through:

  • Online Community Management

  • Blog Posts

  • Email Newsletters

  • Podcast Transcribing

  • eBooks

  • Media Kits

  • Landing Page

We will tell your story and increase your chances of reaching your ideal customer or reader.

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know! If we can't do it, we know someone who can. We have a network of trusted creative partners that can assist.